Portrait: Phyllis A Houghton

As a photographer who would like to share the beauty of California
and beyond, this site is a tool to add to the enjoyment
of others and to advertise my product. My photography experience grew
along with the wildflower explosion of 05, when we tried to see
wildflowers from every part of the state. I always had a love of
photography from watching my dad set up the darkroom and frame his prize
winning photos, but three teachers taught me skills that
brought me from domumenting the scene, to capturing artful
images. My teachers were Carol Leigh, Michael Frye, and
Jason Anaya.
I have a Canon 7D.

Besides my love for photography, I have a wonderful family:
Married 50 years to Norm; 3 daughters with spouses; 7 grandchildren; One great-grandchild
4 brothers and about 150 relatives, mostly in the SF Bay Area

The purpose of is to bring the beauty and
love of California to others. I
I hope that you enjoy my site and come often.
Thanks for dropping in.

You can contact me at

My photos can also be seen at this location: :